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Fourth Year: Transition


  • Meet with University Career Center staff to strategize your upcoming job search.
  • Register for the EDCP 108J: Job Search Strategies course to learn additional strategies for landing internships or full-time employment.
  • Attend Center Events to strengthen job search skills such as resume writing, interviewing, and networking.
  • Use Resume Builder to develop targeted resumes and cover letters to support job search activities.
  • Prepare for interviews by thoroughly researching prospective employers. Use Career Insider to review profiles of employers.
  • Present your qualifications to employers attending Career & Internship Fairs.
  • Utilize Careers4Terps to apply for employment opportunities after graduation.
  • Take advantage of the On-Campus Interviewing (OCI) Program for full-time jobs.
  • Continue to network and conduct informational interviews with employers of interest.
  • For potential graduate students: Have your personal statement critiqued in support of graduate or professional school applications.