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Keys to Success

Throughout their junior year, students should focus on staying on track, stepping into opportunities, and gearing up for their Senior year and beyond. Below is a list of opportunities for how your student can accomplish these goals throughout their third year at Maryland. We encourage you to discuss these possibilities for growth and exploration with your student.

Staying on Track

  • Stay focused on your academic goals; get to know your department faculty and keep on track by continuing to meet with an Academic Advisor and check on your school’s four-year plan
  • Continue to take rigorous coursework, and ask for help when needed. Use the tutoring services provided by the Learning Assistance Service, Math Success Program and The Writing Center to help you excel.

Stepping into Opportunities

  • Explore options to learn and study abroad. Seek out opportunities to study outside the country with Education Abroad, sign up for overseas service learning opportunities through Alternative Breaks and more!
  • Earn credits while gaining meaningful professional experience through opportunities around Washington D.C.  Apply for programs such as the selective Federal Semester Program and the Global Semester in D.C.
  • Challenge yourself and hone your leadership skills. Become an officer in a student organization, run for University Senate and apply for a minor in Leadership Studies
  • Expand your skillset and build your resume. Become a research assistant through the Maryland Center for Undergraduate Research and find internship opportunities through the Career Center & The President’s Promise.

Gearing up for Senior Year & Beyond

  • Help create your senior experience: apply for Senior Council, continue to stay involved in campus activities and plan for the best year yet!
  • Consider continuing your education and research timelines and requirements for graduate or professional school if applicable. Take admission prep courses and tests and review for MCAT, LSAT, GMAT, or GRE, if appropriate.
  • Continue to connect with peers and professionals to build and expand upon your network.